Block Puzzle Jewel Free-to-Play Puzzle Game

Block Puzzle Jewel Free-to-Play Puzzle Game

Block Puzzle Jewel PC is a fresh new take on the tile-matching genre in video games. Unlike classic tile-matching games like Tetris for example, Block Puzzle Jewel does not feature falling blocks or a countdown timer, to say the least. The fact is that this game does not put pressure on the player nor create unnecessary distractions. What Block Puzzle Jewel does is present you with a blank board and a set of three blocks that you can put or arrange anywhere on the board. Just like other tile-matching puzzles, your main task is to create a solid block or a straight line without any gaps or spaces in between.

As easy as that may sound, Block Puzzle Jewel is a challenging game nonetheless. If you thought that arranging blocks in a blank board without any time limit would be that easy, then, you would be correct. Unless the main gameplay structure of the game depends on randomness and unpredictability. Not to mention that the blocks in this game are stationary which means that you cannot rotate or place it in the direction you want. This is why Block Jewel Puzzle may be a straightforward game tile-matching puzzle game from a third-person perspective; however, playing the game itself will say otherwise. The unpredictability and the randomness of the set of blocks are enough to make the entire game as challenging, as any other tile-matching game out there.

A Simple Game

Block Jewel Puzzle is also not big on features; the fact is that the game does not even come with the main menu screen. Once you click on the game icon, the game will immediately redirect you to the game board to start your round, no buts, no cuts, and no coconuts.

Block Jewel Puzzle in general, is a fun and challenging game that you can play during work breaks or lazy afternoons. Think of it as the survival title of the puzzle world since you really need to last long enough to rack up a high score and maybe make it to the top of the game’s community leaderboard. Speaking of community, Block Puzzle Jewel boasts over 800,000 5-star ratings from its player base of over a million players.

To that end, if you think you have what it takes to take on the Block Jewel Puzzle challenge or maybe you’re just looking for a new take on the tile-matching genre, then, feel free to hit the download or play now on your screen today.

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