Vegas Crime Simulator A Free Open-World Game

Vegas Crime Simulator A Free Open-World Game

Vegas Crime Simulator is a free-to-play open-world action-adventure game inspired by the iconic GTA franchise. The game takes place in a city loosely modeled after the fabulous casino city in the desert. Be that as it may, that is not what’s interesting about this GTA clone as it boasts not only a plethora of vehicles but a decent arsenal of weapons as well. To some gamers especially the solid fans of the GTA franchise, Vegas Crime Simulator is nothing but a mediocre clone of the real thing. Nevertheless, as mediocre as the game may be, the gameplay mechanics of this game conceal many fun elements just waiting for someone to explore.

The fun part of Vegas Crime Simulator is that it comes with some of the most ridiculous weapons and power-ups you only see in modded versions of GTA games. One example is the mind-blowing arsenal of weapons that ranges from a crowbar to a railgun. Another is that you can become a superhero or a transformer if you have 200 crystals to spare. On top of that, the game also features tanks, attack helicopters, and sports cars.

A New and Improved Version

This version comes with the latest patch since its initial launch in 2015. The fact is if you were playing Vegas Crime Simulator 2 years ago, you may think that the game is a cheap clone with unpolished visuals and poor controls; the new update changes that. In five months, the game’s developer Naxeex LLC dropped five major updates into the game. The recent update provides the game a much-needed overhaul not only on its visuals but to its core gameplay structure as well.

Today, Vegas Crime Simulator features smoother animation, reworked achievements, better controls, and more polished models. If you are looking for a game with AAA graphics like the ones seen in the latest entry in the GTA series, then, you will not find that on this game. However, if you are looking for an open-world sandbox game that comes packed full of all the fun elements of an action-adventure game, then, Vegas Crime Simulator is something that you definitely should check out. Download and play this game today free on PC.

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