Robbery Bob Free-to-play Sneaking Game

Robbery Bob Free-to-play Sneaking Game

Robbery Bob also was known as “The Man of Steal” is one of the games launched during the early days of the Android and IOS operating systems. This fun and hilarious sneaking game made its way to the mobile digital stores in 2012 from the studios of indie video game developer Level Eight. Since its inception, Robbery Bob has managed to accumulate hundreds of thousands of 5-star reviews from players across various platforms. Not to mention that it remains as one of the most iconic action sneaking game up until today.

What is Robbery Bob?

In Robbery Bob, you play as the main protagonist named Bob who despite his effort to redeem himself from his past, is being dragged back into what he does best which is burglary. Your mission is to guide our sneaky character to redeem himself by uncovering the nefarious plot set by Doctor Theivious. Your mission is to go through each of the locations provided in the map and retrieve the items without detection.

To make your mission less of a burden are unique gadgets and costumes that come with their own unique attributes. A “Rotten Donut” for example will turn the stomach of anyone who eats it upside down. Another unique utility tool is the “Wind Up Toy” that causes distraction to anyone patrolling the premises. Costumes also play a huge role in the success of Bob’s heists. One example is the “Super Bob Suit” that allows bob to run faster than normal. Another is the “Knights Armor” which, as the name suggests, protects Bob from physical harm but not from detection.

Robbery Bob is one of those games that features 3D cartoonish visuals. On top of that are the brilliantly rendered sound effects and soundtrack that makes each mission as thrilling and as immersive as possible. The best part of Robbery Bob comes from its hilariously wholesome gameplay structure. In fact, Robbery Bob despite having robbery as its main theme is not in any way offensive or suggestive of such activity. In addition, the game also features a cast of memorable characters like the Strange Dealer, Doctor Theivi ous, Biff, among others.

To that end, if you want to experience one of the classic sneaking game that is both challenging and hilarious, then, Robbery Bob is the game for you.

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